Project report "Eye Care, I Care" at Vijaya Bharthi High School

It was a milestone for Sakshum to screen 1000 children for vision problems under the project “Eye Care, I Care”.

On 19th September 2009, students of the Vijaya Bharthi High School, Hyderabad from X to IV were screened for vision problems. Out of 305 children who were screened, 20 were found having vision problems. The screened children were referred to LVPEI for further evaluation and treatment.

15 volunteers actively participated in the event. One group of volunteers educated the children about the importance of eye hygiene, nutritional diet, proper light and posture during studying and prevention of corneal injury. The other group of volunteers screened the children with vision problem with E chart. The teachers were trained for screening the new admissions and rest of the children. The teachers were also counselled for maintaining the proper lights and early detection of problems in students.

The teachers and volunteers found the event useful for prevention and cure of the vision problems in children. Thanks to all the volunteers, teachers and LVPEI.

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Children may need several eye test per year as their eyes are constantly developing and their bodies are growing. If they do wear glasses, a child's prescription may change within a matter of a few months, and they may complain of headaches, or their school work may suffer. Young children between the ages of 1 to 5 also need eye tests to look for common toddler eye problems such as crossed eyes, turned-out eyes, or lazy eyes.

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