Project Eye Care I Care event report from Parvath nagar school

On 18th April 2009, with collaboration of Sakshum another event of the project 'Eye Care I Care' was successfully completed at Parvath nagar school, madhapur Hyderabad. There were 10 volunteers who screened 117 children in this govt school. Mr. Veeru from LV Prasad Eye hospital helped in detailed assessment and referral to LVPEI for further diagnosis.
Out of 117 children 7 were found with vision problems varying from visual defect, refractive error and cognitive challenged. The child with visual defect
was directly referred to LVPEI for vision rehabilitation and for disability concession and certificate.

Volunteers found this activity an important event as early detection and treatment can improve the vision and academic learning.
As a matter of fact Sakshum has screened close to 600 children so far and found 58 children with vision problems. Beacuse of dedicated volunteer efforts in this project we have been able to direct these children for proper diagnosis and treatment for a better future.

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