Eye Screening Event

On 7th Feb, Sakshum volunteers with collaboration of LV Prasad Eye Institute conducted the Eye Screening event in St Issac School, Hafeez pet near Kondapur. This event was under the project “Eye Care, I Care”. During the event, the children from the classes IInd to VIIIth were screened. 232 children were screened and 18 children were being identified with some kind of vision problems. Those identified children would be referred to the LVPEI for their further evaluation and treatment. Free spectacles would be provided for the children with vision problems.The children were also counselled about the healthy practices for vision. The nutritional importance of Vitamin A, Good reading habits and Eye Care was taught to children. Chocolates were distributed among children.Mrs Seema, Murli, SP Murli, Ashish, Vivek, Neeti, Mohaan and Kirthiga were the volunteers from Sakshum and Mr Veeru from LVP Eye Institute. Seema, Murli, S P Murli, Ashish, Mohaan and Kirthiga performed screening with Mr Veeru. Neeti took the charge for Healthy practices and Nutritional counselling and Mr Vivek arranged logistic.

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